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The Faith Explained Today - Scepter Publishers

The Faith Explained Today

by Joe Babendreier

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Written in the same style and spirit as the classic best-seller The Faith Explained by Leo Trese, The Faith Explained Today by Joe Babendreier offers an explanation of the faith that is easily accessible to modern readers, especially students and young adults. This Christian faith book is in six parts and covers the full spectrum of Church teaching over the last 2,000 years. These parts include:

  • What Christians Believe
  • How God Reveals
  • Morality
  • The Way Christians Worship
  • The Human Person
  • Prayer

Complete with review questions at the end of each chapter and frequent use of writings from Sacred Scripture, the saints, spiritual writers, and the Magisterium, this book, The Faith Explained Today will help you understand what God revealed through Jesus Christ, as the Church has believed it, preserved it, and treasured it from the beginning.

About the Author

Joe Babendreier es sacerdote de la Prelatura del Opus Dei, doctor en Teología por la Universidad de Navarra e ingeniero químico por la Universidad de Columbia. Durante muchos años ha trabajado como capellán en diversas instituciones educativas en Kenia.

SKU/ISBN 9781594172151
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Format Paperback