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The Priest and His Image


An Interview with Very Rev. Dr. Alvaro del Portillo

In this interview, the Very Rev. del Portillo gives a clear exposition of the mission of the priest and the unchanging significance of that mission in the economy of salvation. He reminds us that the principal points of the Church’s doctrine on the priesthood — including celibacy, preaching, training, and spirituality — have been sufficiently affirmed and expounded by the Magisterium of the Church. He points out that it is necessary to reaffirm them vigorously today, when attempts are being made to minimize their value in favor of approaches that empty the ministerial priesthood of its content and meaning. The Very Rev. del Portillo served as Secretary of the Conciliar Commission which prepared the Decree Presbyterorum Ordinis. This interview was conducted by Rev. Antonio Livi for the Centro Romano di Incontri Sacerdotali.

This Booklet Contains

  • Ministerial Priesthood
  • Practical Concessions
  • Identity of Doctrine and Life