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Visions of Purgatory: A Private Revelation

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Visions of Purgatory: A Private Revelation offers a surprisingly sober and clear account of purgatory that offers more consolation than fear before this great mystery of God’s mercy. Translated from French, the text was written in the latter half of the twentieth century by an anonymous author and contains a private revelation of purgatory with annotations from the Magisterium of the Church and the teachings of the saints, above all St. Thomas Aquinas.

It is organized into three parts: the first part explains the role of private revelations and how to gain profit from them; the second part contains doctrinal teachings that form a kind of treatise on purgatory; the third and final part is dedicated to revelations of souls in purgatory. Details concerning the life of the author have been omitted in order to maintain the author’s anonymity.

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SKU/ISBN 9781594172182
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Format Paperback