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Whatever Happened To Friendship?

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By Henry Menzies An architect and Catholic convert, Henry Menzies (who died in February 2017) originally self-published this short book which trumpets the joys, benefits, and absolute necessity of real friendship for the sake of happiness, health, and virtue. Menzies takes you on a tour of friendship through famous figures of history, recent writers, and ancient scholars. When you finish reading this book, the names, phone numbers, emails, birth dates, and anniversaries that make up the glue of real life will seem more sacred and life giving instead of dreary duties. In essence, this little book shows the value of a good friend.
Henry Hardinge Menzies of New Rochelle, NY, was born in Hickory, NC. He worked for several film production companies in New York City and in 1951 enlisted as a sailor in the Navy during the Korean War, rising to the rank of Lieutenant. Shortly before leaving the Navy, Henry was received into the Catholic Church. After the war, he obtained a degree in Architecture from the School of Design at North Carolina State University and in 1962 founded The Architects Group. His architectural work concentrated on design and renovation of churches and chapels. Henry was an avid painter, and drew others into his love of art through his enthusiasm. This book was written affectionately, as he understood true friendship, had a wide circle of friends, and shared his joy-filled and generous spirit with all of them.


“This can be a great little motivator for young people and those not so young. The fact that many people, young and old, have few friends is certainly an issue. When I got the manuscript, I was motivated to preach on the topic of friendship and the virtues involved. This book is already having an impact.” Rev. Max Polak, Sydney, Australia “I have nothing but praise. It is well organized, clearly and eloquently written, full of admirable quotations, and everywhere off ering sound, common sense advice, not to mention spiritual profundities.” Bill Park, Santa Cruz, California