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When God Calls


By Rev. Federico Suarez

Of all the important things that can happen in our life, unquestionably the most crucial, that which illuminates and explains the others, is our vocation. When we discover what our vocation is—what God is calling us to— we likewise discover the purpose of our existence. God desires all people to share his life. God puts no limits on his love, unlike men. In addition to this universal call to sanctity, God has a specific role for each of us. We might call it a personal vocation whereby he indicates to us where and how we are to ratify that general calling. It is to this second call that most people restrict the concept of vocation. Yet we sometimes forget that it is the same God who calls men to marriage or celibacy, to this profession or that, to this particular age of history or to that. Regardless of things that have happened to us or of choices we have made, God is eager for us to make the most of them, instead of using apparently adverse circumstances as excuses. God only wants to have his love repaid. Once we see that, our only fear should be that of following our own will instead of God's, lest in our futile attempts to make ourselves happy we forfeit the divine offer to make us supremely happy.

This Booklet Contains

  • How God Speaks
  • Difficulties
  • Proof of Love