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You Can Become a Saint

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By Mary Ann Budnik

It enters into but few peoples' minds that they should work at becoming saints. Most think that to become a saint requires the almost-impossible. The truth is: not only should we work at fulfilling our baptismal call, but we can! Not only is it possible, but it is our ultimate goal, our mission, our reason for being!

Mary Ann Budnik walks us through the simple life choices that lead us to the interior disposition needed for sanctity so that we can become rich soil ready to sprout and nourish an abundance of fruit. Of course, one cannot do it alone. With the grace of God working in our hearts, and our willingness to become malleable in his loving hands, sanctity is truly a task that becomes both desirable and accessible.

Mary Ann Budnik is a graduate of Marquette University in journalism and political science. She is the author of Looking For Peace? Try Confession, the Raise Happy Children series, and three booklets on the topics of suffering, mercy, and conscience. Mary Ann has been published in over fifty publications worldwide on topics that include parenting, virtues, and sanctity. She has appeared on EWTN and other Catholic television and radio shows and has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences and forums in the US, Canada, and Nigeria. For this she was named “Distinguished Scholar” by her alma mater in 1991. As part of the international press corps, she was a foreign correspondent at the UN Summit on Social Development in Denmark as well as the UN Population Conference in Cairo, Egypt, for which she won an award for her pro-life reporting from the American Life League. Additionally, she was CEO of a media company and publishing house providing material on spiritual formation and family issues. A native of Illinois now living in Idaho, she is the mother of three daughters and grandmother to eleven, and great grandmother to two. 


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