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Recommended Reading for Young Fathers

April 26, 2017 2 min read

Advice Worth Ignoring: How Tuning Out the Experts Can Make You a Better Parent, by Dr. Ray Guarendi

Funny and practical advice from an author with both personal experience as a father of many children and professional experience as a clinical psychologist. Gives positive guidelines for parenting while helping parents be on guard against the flawed advice often given to them in contemporary society. 150 pages.

Family Virtues: A Guide to Effective Parenting, by José Martín (ed.)

A collection of twenty-one essays by various authors on educating children in character and faith. Covers a wide array of child-rearing topics. 162 pages. Available at Scepter Publishers.

Father, the Family Protector, by James Stenson

Practical and comprehensive treatment of how fathers exercise their powerful and particularly masculine contribution to family life. A solid guide for raising children of character and faith. 252 pages. Available at Scepter Publishers.

How To Really Love Your Child, by Ross Campbell, M.D.

Teaches parents how to manifest love to young children in all situations of child-rearing – from positive eye contact and physical touch to effective discipline and spiritual nurture. 139 pages.

Letters from the Headmaster: “Culture of Learning,” “Smart Phones,” and “Internet,” by Alvaro de Vicente

Thought-provoking letters to parents of boys about how to instill a culture of learning at home and how to face the urgent parenting challenges that our contemporary digital world presents. 3-4 pages each. Available for free at www.heights.edu/letters-from-the-headmaster.

Parents, Children, and the Rules of Life, by Fr. Cormac Burke

Provides a sound, supernatural framework for imparting moral values and character formation to children. 20 pages. Available for free at Scepter Publishers.

The Temperament God Gave Your Kids: Motivate, Discipline, and Love Your Children, by Art and Laraine Bennett

Easy to read and practical. Helps parents to identify their children’s temperament and to understand some of the best approaches for forming virtue in children based on their particular temperament. 170 pages.

The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality: Guidelines for Education within the Family, from the Pontifical Council for the Family (1995)

Provides parents with both the principles and practical guidelines for teaching their children the meaning of human sexuality and how to live chastity. 31 pages. Available for free at www.vatican.va.

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