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by Scepter editorial Team February 28, 2021 3 min read


An angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, and said, “Rise up, take with thee the child and his
mother, and flee to Egypt; there remain, until I give thee word. For Herod will soon be making search
for the child, to destroy him.”

He rose up, therefore, while it was still night, and took the child and his mother with him, and withdrew
into Egypt, where he remained until the death of Herod, in fulfilment of the word which the Lord spoke
by his prophet, I called my son out of Egypt.

St. John Chrysostom comments on this scene:

On hearing this, Joseph was not shocked, nor did he say: “This is strange. You yourself made it known
not long ago that he would save his people, and now you are incapable even of saving him—we have to
flee, to set out on a long journey and spend a long while in a strange place; that contradicts your

Joseph does not think in this way, for he is a man who trusts God. Nor does he ask when he will return,
ever, though the angel left that time vague: “Stay there until I tell you to return.” Joseph does not
object; he obeys and believes and joyfully accepts all the trials.

St. Joseph faithfully fulfills God's will.

St. Josemarίa adds:.

The Gospels give us a picture of St. Joseph as a remarkably sound man who was in no way frightened or
scared of life. On the contrary, he faced up to problems, dealt with difficult situations and showed
responsibility and initiative in whatever he was asked to do. I don't agree with the traditional picture of
St. Joseph as an old man, even though it may have been prompted by a desire to emphasize the
perpetual virginity of Mary. I see him as a strong young man, perhaps a few years older than our Lady,
but in the prime of his life and work.

You don't have to wait to be old or lifeless to practice the virtue of chastity. Purity comes from love; and
the strength and gaiety of youth are no obstacle for noble love. Joseph had a young heart and a young
body when he married Mary, when he learned of the mystery of her divine motherhood, when he lived
in her company, respecting the integrity God wished to give the world.

Prayer: Watchful guardian of the incarnate Son of God, glorious St. Joseph, you gave your toil in supporting
and serving the Son of the Most High, especially when you were forced to flee into Egypt; yet you felt great joy
having God himself always with you and seeing the idols of Egypt fall to the ground. By this sorrow and this joy
obtain for us that we keep the infernal tyrant far away from us, especially by flight from occasions of sin, and
that every idol of earthly affection fall from our hearts; and being wholly employed in the service of Jesus and
Mary let us live and happily die for them alone

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