I'm Looking For A Book To: Discern My Vocation

Discerning your vocation can be tricky.

We often grow up with an idea in our heads about our future.  Did you picture marrying a high school sweetheart and settling down young? Did you picture missionary work or travel? Maybe you thought you’d be a priest or nun when you were little, but now you think you might be called to be a spouse and parent or a consecrated lay person. Or maybe you have entered into your vocation already, but don’t feel that you’re embracing it to its fullest capacity. 

Whatever your vision was growing up or where you are now with your vocation, one thing is true: God’s plans often look different from ours. He has great things in store for all of us, but how can we tell what He is calling us to? How can we discern our own voice from His? 

For the person discerning their vocation or the person trying to grow within theirs, this book is for you. 

In He Calls, We Answer, Josemaria Escriva guides us through a discussion of vocation.  He shares about the longing he felt in his own heart at 16 years old to love and be loved, and how recognition of that longing transformed his entire life. 

This book is all about helping you to discover how and where God is calling you to love.  There is no hard and fast rule or a specific formula that will make your vocation obvious to you; rather, it starts with openness to God, trust in His timing, and willingness to embrace Christ-like love wherever we are.  

St. Thérèse of Lisieux once wrote, “Then, overcome by joy, I cried, 'Jesus, my love. At last I have found my vocation. My vocation is love. In the heart of the Church, my mother, I will be love, and then I will be all things.”

If you’re unsure of your vocation right now, just remember that God’s call to all of us is first to love. We hope this book can help you in your discernment and that you can draw inspiration from these holy saints as you seek out your vocation!