The books in this collection utilize information found in the Bible, as well as archaeological discoveries and historical research to tell the stories of some of God's most important disciples such as Saints Peter and Paul, and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Other books in this collection follow fictional characters such as Marcus, Junia, and PupPup, who provide us with examples of God's power and grace.
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Paul of Tarsus - Scepter Publishers

Paul of Tarsus

$ 16.95 USD
Peter The Apostle - Scepter Publishers

Peter The Apostle

$ 15.95 USD
No Longer a Stray - Scepter Publishers

No Longer a Stray

$ 13.95 USD
Junia, Marcus, Grain of Wheat Set - Scepter Publishers

Junia, Marcus, Grain of Wheat Set

$ 34.95 USD$ 30.85 USD
Grain of Wheat - Scepter Publishers

Grain of Wheat

$ 14.95 USD
Junia - Scepter Publishers


$ 13.95 USD
Marcus - Scepter Publishers


$ 13.95 USD