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Help My Unbelief!

by Bonaventure Perquin

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Rooted in the great mystery of God, the Christian life requires a multitude of virtues, the most primary of which is faith. For it is only with faith that one’s mind, will, imagination—indeed one’s entire being—can be directed unequivocally toward God, through Christ.

A contemporary spiritual classic by Bonaventure Perquin, Help My Unbelief! traces the wide-reaching effects of a blossoming faith. Fully abandoning one’s self in favor of continuous acts of faith creates an intimacy with Christ that manifests itself in a greater appreciation of the sacraments and deeper relationships with the Lord and His Blessed Mother. The process is not a quick or an easy one, and one often may not be able to see the harvest of his labors. Yet the benefits of true faith are not only for one’s own salvation, but also for that of the whole Church.  

About the Author

Bonaventure Perquin is a Dominican priest and author. Through his writings he desires to bring people into relationship with the living God. Bonaventure has authored two books for Scepter, "Help my unbelief" and "Abba Father." 

SKU/ISBN 9780906138601
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