2024's Must-Reads: Deepen Your Faith with Our Latest Titles!

It’s a new year, and there’s no better time to get reading!

Whether you’re looking for a book to help you in your prayer, life, a book to make you a more dynamic person, or a book to help you in your relationships, we have something for you at Scepter Publishers.

Our 2024 New Releases include several exciting titles you will not want to miss!

Here are a few of our favorites:

Coached by Josemaria Escriva by Fr. John Henry Hanson, O. Praem.

In this book, author Fr. John Henry Hanson shares profound lessons from the voice of Josemaria Escriva, the Father of Opus Dei. The leadership shown by St. Josemaria within his lifetime is something we can all learn from.  As the book description reads, St. Josemaria “is for us all a coach, a father, and an excellent teacher of the elevated, virtuous, and courageous life.” One reader wrote about this book, “excellent spiritual teaching, which describes his values both as a spiritual leader, and a human being endowed with spiritual teaching ability.”

Seven Prophets in the Culture War: Undoing the Philosophies of a World in Crisis by Alexandre Havard

In this powerful title, Havard explores our world through the lens of philosophy, specifically keeping in mind these seven famous philosophers: Descartes, Rousseau, Nietzche, Pascal, Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky, and Soloviev. This book is all about learning why our world is the way it is based on the influential thinkers that came before us. If you love philosophy, you will not want to miss this exploration of thought, virtue, and the principles that guide our world. 

St. Patrick and His World by Mike Aquilina

In this account, Aquilina explores the history and facts surrounding the life of Saint Patrick. Often seen as a legend or an enigmatic character, Aquilina shows that St. Patrick is not only very real, but also incredibly inspiring considering the world in which he lived.  Redemptive, well-researched, and powerful, this book is perfect for any history buff or just the average Catholic looking for inspiration from a great saint. 

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