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May 03, 2023 2 min read

It’s May, the Month of Our Lady! 

The Church focuses on Our Blessed Mother this time every year, affording us a chance to grow more in knowledge and affection for Mary. An endless font of grace, she is always ready to help her children with whatever they need. Let’s take advantage of such an amazing opportunity! Whether you’re an old friend or you’re just getting to know her, we’ve rounded up four Marian titles to help you grow in devotion this month to the Mother of Our Lord, Our Mother too!

Mystical Rose

Mystical Rose by St. John Henry NewmanNewman examines the New Testament and the writings of the Church Fathers to show that this devotion is of firm apostolic foundation. He explains the doctrinal bases of the titles given to Our Lady in the Litany of Loreto such as;Mystical Rose, House of Gold, Tower of Ivory, and more. Newman's deep insights into Our Lady will not only deepen your knowledge and understanding of these devotions but will simultaneously amplify your love for the Mother of God, Our Mother.

Mary At the Crossroads of History

Are you a history buff?

Mary At the Crossroads of History, by Fr. Francis “Rocky” Hoffman, is the perfect read for the historian in your life! Relevant Radio’s own Fr. Rocky guides you through human history and shows the significant events in which Mary has intervened for us. You will read about the ways Our Mother interceeded in truly undeniable and even subtle ways. An inspiring read, this book is perfect for growing in awe at the power of Our Lady and her love for humankind. 

Mary of Nazareth

Mary’s greatness comes from the simple but strong “Fiat” that she gave and continued to give throughout her life.

In the classic Scepter title,Mary of Nazareth, author Federico Suarez pays particular attention to the concept of vocation in Mary's life. He explores pivotal moments in the life of the Blessed Virgin including; the Annunciation, Mary's hidden life, the wedding at Cana, and Mary's sorrows at the Cross. Heshows us that the Blessed Mother is someone to be admired by every Christian-by you and I.  Suarez depicts her as the supreme example of one who strove for holiness in every situation and through any condition in which she found herself. This bookwill helps you not only to grow in admiration for Our Mother but bolster your efforts in daily holiness.

The Litany of Loreto

Have you ever wondered where the 53 titles of Our Lady in the Litany of Loreto come from?

Wonder no more! Maureen Mullin’s book,The Litany of Loreto,does more than summarize the origin of the present 53 titles. Her explanations of each current title will deepen your Marian piety, increase your knowledge of Church History and enrich your understanding of Mary’s constant and powerful intercession for both you and me. 

And the best news? All these titles are 15% now until May 15th. Use code MARIAN2023 at the checkout for these and all titles in our Marian Collection and grow your devotion to the Blessed Mother this May!

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