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August 07, 2023 2 min read

How are you developing your relationship with God this summer? 

In our busy world, it can be difficult to take time to stop and reflect on our faith.  We are constantly pulled in different directions and can easily lose sight of the most important relationship we have- our relationship with Jesus.  We are just over halfway through the year, and summer is the perfect time to reset, refocus, and recommit to God. 

Looking for ways to strengthen your faith this summer? Keep reading to find out about some of our favorite titles on developing your spirituality for a deeper faith life. 

This short, powerful text offers practical ways for you to remain faithful to God in both your best and most difficult moments. Nine days of meditation can be truly transformative!

Former prelate of Opus Dei Bishop Javier Echevarria explores the difficulties of the 21st century experience including loneliness, isolation, and suffering, and finding God in the midst of these.  This book offers real guidance on how to be a serious Catholic in the modern world. 

This classic title from the founder of Opus Dei provides short meditations on forming a deep spiritual life in real and practical ways.  This book is perfect for someone looking for brief but impactful points of wisdom to guide each day. 

If you are looking for a sign to get your faith journey back on track today, this is it! Baur encourages his readers to seek and love God in the present moment despite our imperfections. 

This volume, written by an anonymous Carthusian monk in the early 20th century, centers on cultivation of virtue and simplicity of prayer as the keys to discovering Christ in daily life. 

Whether you are looking for structured meditation or more general spiritual guidance, Scepter has a title for you! Check out these books to build and grow your faith this summer. 

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