9 Quotes from the Saints about St. Joseph

St. Joseph’s Day is moved to March 20th this year.

The humble, gentle protector of the Holy Family, St. Joseph has captivated the minds of great saints throughout the ages, and in today’s blog, we have gathered a selection of saint quotes about St. Joseph. If you want to prepare for the feast day in your prayer, you can pray a nine-day novena or spend some time contemplating the life of St. Joseph for a few minutes each day. Here are nine quotes from the saints about the earthly father of Jesus for your prayer.

9 Quotes from the Saints about St. Joseph: 

  1. “Inspired by the Gospel, the Fathers of the Church from the earliest centuries stressed that just as St. Joseph took loving care of Mary and gladly dedicated himself to Jesus Christ’s upbringing, he likewise watches over and protects Christ’s Mystical Body, that is, the Church, of which the Virgin Mary is the exemplar and model.” — St. John Paul II

  1. “A servant of Mary will have a tender devotion to St. Joseph, and by his pious homage of respect and love, will endeavor to merit the protection of this great saint.” — St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

  1. “Since Mary is what might be called a ‘virginizer’ of young men as well as women, and the greatest inspiration of Christian purity, should she not logically have begun by inspiring and virginizing the first youth whom she had probably ever met – Joseph, the Just? It was not by diminishing his power to love but by elevating it that she would have her first conquest, and in her own spouse, the man who was a man, and not a senile watchman!” — Ven. Fulton J. Sheen

  1. “There are many saints to whom God has given the power to assist us in the necessities of life, but the power given to St. Joseph is unlimited: It extends to all our needs, and all those who invoke him with confidence are sure to be heard.” — St. Thomas Aquinas 

  1. “Joseph's faith does not falter, he obeys quickly and to the letter. To understand this lesson better, we should remember that Joseph's faith is active, that his docility is not a passive submission to the course of events. For the Christian's faith has nothing whatever to do with conformity, inertia or lack of initiative.” — St. Josemaria Escriva 

  1. “What could Jesus Christ refuse St. Joseph, who never refused him anything during his mortal life on earth?” — St. Augustine

  1. “What many kings and prophets desired to see, and saw not; desired to hear, and heard not; he [St. Joseph] was allowed not merely to hear and see, but also to carry, lead, embrace, kiss, nourish, and protect.” — St. Bernard of Clairvaux

  1. “I know not how anyone can ponder on the sufferings, trials, and tribulations the Queen of Angels endured whilst caring for Jesus in his childhood, without at the same time thanking St. Joseph for the services he rendered the Divine Child and his Blessed Mother. ”— St. Teresa of Avila

  1. “Knowing by experience St. Joseph’s astonishing influence with God, I would wish to persuade everyone to honor him with particular devotion. I have always seen those who honored him in a special manner make progress in virtue, for this heavenly protector favors in a striking manner the spiritual advancement of souls who commend themselves to him.” — St. John Henry Newman