Building Up Our Teens: Top Resources for Empowering Catholic Teenagers

Being a teenager has become increasingly challenging.  In this constantly modernizing world, teens have to deal with all the normal pressures of adolescence as well as the added pressures of social media and quickly changing technology.  Our teenagers have experienced unprecedented isolation over the last several years.  To combat this loneliness, it is so important that we provide teens with resources that will nourish and fulfill them.  By offering books and resources that are based in truth, beauty, and goodness, we seek to empower teens to rise above the struggles that have impacted their generation. 

Are you a teen looking for books that will help you grow in faith and virtue? Or are you a parent hoping to provide your child with the tools they need to grow and flourish during their teen years? Read on for these titles for Catholic teens today.

For Parents:

Preparing for Adolescence: A Planning Guide for Parents

In this book, Educator James Stenson explains how to prevent animosity and conflict with your teenagers, and how to better guide your children in their moral journey.  He offers a clear question and answer guide to help you prepare for tricky situations and issues before they arise.

For Teens:

Be Who You Are: Developing your Christian Personality 

This book focuses on healthy self-improvement and personal growth.  For those struggling with self-esteem or their personal identity, this title is all about helping to cultivate your own unique sense of self in the midst of social pressures and outside influences.

Like Any Other: A Girl Named Montse 

This is a book about the life of Montse Grases.  At 17, she was diagnosed with bone cancer. She died the following year.  Her life, though short, was powerful and extraordinary because she truly lived to the fullest, never giving up her cheer and joy even in the face of extreme suffering.  She was recently given the title Venerable by the Catholic Church, and her cause is on the steady path to Canonization.  

You See Me You Hear Me 

This book is a powerful, short prayer guide for young adults in high school and college.  For those seeking out ways to pray and strengthen faith in a way that is both personal and practical, this is for you.  

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