Catholic Summer Reading Suggestions

Are you on the search for engaging Catholic books to read this summer? Whether you need a Christian recommendation for your spiritual reading or a page-turner suggestion for your family members, this list has you covered. Today on the blog, we rounded up four bestsellers from the Scepter catalog that you can bring to the beach and to your prayer. 

Catholic Summer Reading Suggestions 

What makes you tick? Alexandre Havard’s book will help you achieve the optimal balance between your heart, your mind, and your will. 

It’s a guide to healing a troubled or wounded heart, enabling your most noble aspirations to grow in strength and maturity. Beauty, greatness, love, freedom, mercy, and suffering expand the heart, purify it, and make it burn with love and desire. Get a sneak peek of the book here.

Scott Hahn says, “This is a most unusual book. Fr. Juan Vélez presents the examined life, the life of the mind, as an adventure — full of thrills and daring and good humor. And that’s what it is! Unfortunately, books for young people rarely convey this excitement. Brave Leader, Big Heart does it. Every Catholic young person should read this, but especially boys.”

This biography by Fr. Vélez invites young readers to meet a new saint. Far from being a distant academic, St. John Henry Newman was a happy child, a thoughtful young man, a warm friend, and an affectionate brother. With his pen, he helped start a movement that would change lives. As a Catholic priest, his courage and warmth led many to seek his guidance. His heart can still speak to hearts today.

This title by Victoria Schneider unpacks the life of St. Manuel, who felt called to the priesthood at the age of 12. After his ordination in 1901, he was sent to preach at a church which he found to be unclean and abandoned. There, praying before a Tabernacle covered in dust and cobwebs, with torn altar cloths and oil dripping onto the floor from the sanctuary lamp, he decided to dedicate his life to providing for Jesus’ needs in the Tabernacle. 

This poor, abandoned Tabernacle taught the young priest more about the Love of Jesus than his years of theological study. It marked his entire life from that moment. He dedicated himself until his death to spreading devotion to the Eucharist, proclaiming these words which he would go on to choose for his epitaph: “Jesus is here! He is here! Do not abandon Him!” 

Do you have big plans for autumn? This book will set you up to chase a promotion, run for class president, or set up the coffee group you have been dreaming about. 

Virtuous leadership requires a basic understanding of temperament and character, which constitute the human personality. In this book, Alexandre Havard affirms the legitimate diversity of our physiological and psychological makeup. When we master the habits of excellence – the virtues – we ascend from temperament to character. We are no longer slaves to our natural inclinations but have achieved self-mastery in true human freedom, and we are then ready to be leaders.

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