New Scepter Title: Seven Prophets and the Culture War

Do you love philosophy and want to learn about how different thinkers have affected our culture?

Check out our new release, Seven Prophets and the Culture War: Undoing the Philosophies in a World of Crisis. 

In this book, Alexandre Havard offers his in-depth study of seven great thinkers whose philosophies not only revolutionized the world views of their respective times, but have impacted the way we approach metaphysics today, and not necessarily for the better. 

Move through our philosophical history with Havard as he dissects the theories and personal character of Descartes, Rousseau, Nietzsche, Pascal, Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky, and Soloviev, showing us the origins of the intellectual confusion that pervades our modern society. 

In the forward of this book, Harvard writes, “Philosophers produce ideas that invade our hearts and minds—for good or for ill. It is important to understand these ideas, and to unravel them to determine what is true about them and what is false, which ones elevate man, and which ones debase him. But it is even more important to determine what manner of person is the philosopher who is speaking to us… 

We like to debate the ideas of this or that philosopher, but too often we leave out the study of his personality. We are interested in what the philosopher says, not in what he is. This is a very serious mistake, because behind ideas there is a heart, and if this heart is “rotten,” the ideas will be rotten too, and the one who imbibes such ideas will end up rotten himself. The opposite is also true: the powerful and true ideas of some philosophers are often the expression of a noble and magnanimous heart which communicates to us the vital inspiration we need to purify ourselves, to elevate ourselves, and to reach the heights of our humanity.”

For those seeking a greater understanding of how the principles of our culture (or lack thereof) came to be, as well as those seeking hope for the future of society, Seven Prophets and the Culture War is an absolute must read.