Saints Among Us: Inspiring Modern Stories of Holiness

We are all called to be holy. But what does holiness look like for the average person? 

A big temptation for Christians today is to blame our lack of holiness on the world we live in.  We have to battle against all the natural human temptations, our often not-so-moral environments at work or school, and a digital world that is constantly pushing us to give up our own values and embrace the values of the culture. With all that stacked against us, we can sometimes feel alone in our spiritual pursuits.  

But we don’t want you to feel alone- because you’re not!  There are so many people who quietly and diligently strive for holiness every single day.  If you want to find inspiration from modern day saints, stick around for a sneak peek into some amazing stories below. 

Guadalupe: The Story of Loving  by Cristina Abad Cadenas

This story is about the first woman of Opus Dei to be beatified: Guadalupe Ortiz.  Guadalupe was a scientist, teacher, friend, daughter, and woman of faith.  Her’s is a story that any of us can relate to.  One reviewer wrote, “I loved this book. I read it in two days. It shows the life of a daring woman full of love for God and ready to serve Him wherever she was needed, in order to spread that love to those around her with freedom and joy, in spite of the difficulties that she could encounter.”

Our Lives in His Hands: An Ordinary Couple’s Path to Holiness by Olga Marlin

This is a story of an incredible married couple: Tomas and Paquita Alvira. They offer us an example of how to live a joyful, faith filled life while also working, raising a family, and maintaining a happy marriage.  You don’t want to miss this beautiful story of faith and love. 

No Small Goals: The Life of Dr. Ernesto Cofino by Thomas A. McDonough

This book is about Ernesto Cofino, a man who truly made his professional work holy.  After studying to become a doctor in Paris, he returned to his home country of Guatemala to serve the needy in his community.  He encountered Opus Dei during the height of his career and dedicated himself to sanctifying his daily work.  His cause for holiness is currently in progress.