Summer Spiritual Reading

Remember those days of assigned summer reading? We might not write book reports or give presentations anymore, but having a list of books to read over the summer months is still a great habit! And if those books will enrich our minds, hearts and souls - even better. 

How to Make Summer Spiritual Reading a Habit: 

  1. Find a book that you actually WANT to pick up. Trying to start a habit when you dread the book, is just setting yourself up for failure.
  2. Start small - maybe 10 minutes, or 5 pages a day. You can always build on this later - increasing the amount of time you spend reading or the number of pages you're committed to after you've established the habit. 
  3. Put it in your schedule. Waiting until you 'find' the time, or have a moment in the day to pick up a book, means it isn't likely to happen. But if you schedule it in, like the other tasks you need to accomplish, you've got a much greater chance of making it happen. 
  4. Set up reminders. Whether that is an alarm on your phone, a sticky note on your bathroom mirror or placing the book on the chair you use to sip your morning coffee - reminders can help a habit form. 
  5. Begin again. Even if you missed the last three days or the last three weeks, NOW is always the right time to begin again. 

6 Titles for your Summer Spiritual Reading:

  1. Coached by Joan of Arc - new release by Alexandre Havard
  2. Time for God - classic small book by Jacques Philippe about prayer
  3. How To Profit from Your Faults - Joseph Tissot
  4. Cardinal Virtues in Focus - new release by Henry Bocala
  5. Paul of Tarsus - biography of this pilar of the early Church from Dr. Joseph Holzner
  6. In Love with the Church - four homilies from St. Josemaria Escriva