How to Live Holy Week Well

Discover the true essence of Holy Week by delving deeper into its significance and contemplating its mysteries within your own heart and life.

From prayerful reflections to participating in liturgies, explore various ways to embrace the beauty and solemnity of this sacred season!

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Beyond Giving Up: Fresh Ideas for a Fulfilling Lent
Discover insightful tips and practical ideas for a purposeful Lenten season. Learn how to shape resolutions that promote spiritual growth, including unique prayer practices and meaningful sacrifices. Strike the right balance between ambition and attainability, guided by the spirit of sacrifice, prayer, and generosity. Make this Lent a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual enrichment.
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Books by Father Jacques Philippe for Spiritual Reading
Father Jacques Philippe’s books on themes such as prayer, interior freedom, and peace of heart have become classics of modern Catholic spirituality. Ideal companions to prayer, Fr. Philippe's books are widely recommended spiritual reading for people who want to develop their interior life of prayer.
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