Six Free Resources to Help You Live Lent Well

Lent might seem like a long 40 days, but it can fly by. Check out these six resources that are tailor-made to help you live this season intentionally.

1. Seeking Christ in Reading 

Dive into this free ebook and learn about how modern life demands spiritual reading for a healthy prayer life.

2. Daily quotes for prayer 

Sign up to get brief yet profound quotes delivered straight to your inbox. These quotes will remind you to pray for a few minutes each day this Lent.

3. Liturgical Calendar 

Living liturgically by marking the days of feasts and fasts throughout Lent is a great way to grow in awareness of your faith. Take a look at this free calendar to organize these 40 days!

4. A Treasury of Prayers 

If you are looking for a go-to ebook with prayers to build up your spiritual life this Lent, look no further than this compilation of the Rosary, meditations, and more.

5. Making the Most of Confession 

Lent is an opportunity to make a thoughtful confession, and this guide can lead you through each step of this sacrament of mercy.

    6. Free spiritual reading 

    It can be tricky to track down spiritual reading and keep track of the physical book throughout Lent. With this collection of spiritual reading, the fuel for your Lenten prayer life will be at your fingertips.

      Lent is a time for prayer and conversion. We hope these resources help you live a fruitful and holy Lent!