The Ultimate Scepter Publishers Gift Guide - Part 1

Do you struggle to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones?

The stress of coming up with a really great gift idea and being able to execute it can be overwhelming and really take the joy and peace out of the Christmas season. 

Here at Scepter, we want to help you avoid that stress altogether. With our Christmas Gift Guides, you will have all the amazing recommendations you need to give a thoughtful present to each special person in your life.  And, with our Pre-Advent Sale, you can save on time, money, and peace of mind, while also getting your loved ones some very meaningful gifts. 

Here is The Ultimate Scepter Publishers Gift Guide (Part 1):

For Mom: 

What is a better gift for mom than a book on our Blessed Mother? A rich historical and spiritual read, this book is sure to deepen your mom’s Marian devotion and inspire her in her own vocation as a mother. 

For Dad:

This is a great read for dads of all ages. It touches on the very special role of fathers within their families, the balance between work and home life, and how their sons and daughters depend on them in different ways.  

For Your Spouse 

A book all about amazing and interesting love stories, this would be a great gift for your husband or wife.  A romantic way to give this gift would be to write a mini version of your own love story and slip it into the book for your spouse to find as they read!

For the Children in Your Life

  • Younger Children

    A series all about adventures with the saints, the Douglings books would be a wholesome, exciting gift for any of the young, imaginative children in your life! 

    • High School/College

    - Interior Freedom by Jacques Philippe

    A short but powerful read, Interior Freedom would be a great gift for a young person looking to deepen their spiritual life and gain confidence in their faith. 

    - Junia  or Marcus by Michael E. Giesler 

    For young men and women interested in historical fiction, these books are inventive, engaging, and virtue-centered stories that focus on early Christianity in the Roman Empire. 

    - Call him Father by Fr. Edward G. Maristany

    This is a really beautiful read that offers practical ways to grow in love of God.  This would be a great gift for an inquisitive young adult hoping to form a deeper bond with the Lord. 

    Books are wonderful gifts because they are not only physical presents, but they also offer wisdom, strength, and inspiration to readers for years- and maybe even a lifetime- to come.  Books transform us, touch us, and make us better. To give someone a book is a true love language. 

    Give the gift of reading to your loved ones this Christmas, and keep an eye on our blog posts for Part 2 of The Ultimate Scepter Publishers Gift Guide.