The Way of Trust and Love by Jacques Philippe

Living a holy life can seem impossible sometimes. 


When we consider the holiness of the saints, we can be easily intimidated. Looking at their bold acts of faith can make us think that we could never live up to that level of holiness and discourage us from even trying. We often believe the lie that if we cannot be perfect, we should not attempt something.  We are all called to be saints, however, and we must push back against this idea that our imperfections outweigh our capacity for holiness.  In The Way of Trust and Love, Jacques Philippe encourages us to follow the example of St. Therese of Lisieux (who’s Feast Day we celebrated earlier this month) who loved God in the small things each and every day.  She struggled with her own imperfections and insecurities, but ultimately decided to live each moment for Jesus. 


St. Therese lived a very simple life.  She was not a political figure or great scholar. She did not found a religious order or build a great Cathedral.  Instead, she sought a different path to Heaven, “a little way that is quite straight, quite short: a completely new little way.” 


In The Way of Trust and Love, Jacques Philippe examines excerpts of St. Therese’s writings and the idea of the “little way.”  He offers insight on St. Therese’s life and the humility with which she approached each and every day.  It was not in great moments, but in the daily grind that St. Therese grew in holiness.  


Jacques Philippe writes, “In a vulnerable, wounded world like ours, where nevertheless the Holy Spirit is addressing all Christians with a ringing call to holiness and inspiring them with a desire to live out the Gospel message in all its depth, I think there is no better path than the one St. Thérèse of Lisieux offers us: her little way of trust and love.”


If you are looking for ways to grow in holiness in your day to day life or seeking out digestible spiritual reading, The Way of Trust and Love is for you.  This book offers a  prayerful and accessible guide to the powerful truths of St. Therese’s life and works.  She led a simple life, but her faith, trust, and love in small things, and the profound impact of her writings, led her to become a saint and Doctor of the Church. Remember that each little moment is an opportunity for holiness!