12 Beatitudes for Overachieving Husbands/Dads

By Carissa Douglas

(Author of The Little Douglings Series)

I wanted to share some of the ways my husband makes me feel like everyday is Mother's Day. A couple of items he's still working on - he struggles with carrying a diaper bag that could be described as pretty or fashionable, but other than that... totally blessed, so without further ado:

12 Beatitudes for Overachiever Husbands/Dads

  1. Blessed is the dad who tries to brush/style his little girl's hair. It may not work out so well, but he will warm the heart of his wife... or simply make her laugh - either result is good.
  2. Blessed is the dad who will not sigh when his wife tells him she needs to buy more underwear for their potty trainee, because some of the accidents were deemed not worth dealing with and tossed into the trash instead of being scraped and salvaged. He shall be out a few dollars but totally in with his wife.
  3. Blessed is the dad who will let his wife pick out the girliest, trendiest diaper bag (especially if it has annually taken the place of her purse) and will happily carry it around for her without batting an eye - or an eyelash. Truly I tell you, he is the man!
  4. Blessed is the dad who does not pretend he can't hear the baby crying in the middle of the night and instead gets the little one a bottle or checks their diaper. Verily I say, this saintly act warrants the kingdom of Heaven.
  5. Blessed is the dad who offers to clean the boys' bathroom, especially when pregnancy doesn't agree with boy smells. He shall inherit his wife's supreme gratitude.
  6. Very blessed is the husband who tells his wife that she should really go lie down and rest. Further blessed is the husband who fools the kids into thinking that their mom is not in the house, so that they won't come to find her and ask... everything askable even though their dad, who is not taking a nap, is right there with them and perfectly able to answer their questions.
  7. Blessed is the husband who tells his wife he can't get over how amazing she looks even on the days she feels bloated, misshapen, overtired, frumpy, worn and just plain blah! He shall be considered the best husband ever... even if she may question his visual perception.
  8. Blessed is the husband who takes a few minutes during his work day to check in with his wife; be it a quick call, text or email. His manner of bringing her into his day, and letting her know he's thinking of her will not go unrewarded. It may also be deemed an act of heroism if it pulls her back into the realm of sanity after having spent the entire morning negotiating with pint-sized terrorists.
  9. (For the Canadians and apparently Northern NY residents) Blessed is the husband who does not judge his wife when she adds a Maple Iced Capp from Timmies to the grocery list. Further blessed is the husband who surprises her with a Maple Iced Capp and even had them blend it extra long for her. Great indeed will be his reward.
  10. Blessed is the dad who offers to take the little monkeys out for a drive or for some backyard play so his wife can do some things that require both hands, or relative quiet or simply ownership/use of more than 5% of her own time, energy and thoughts. He shall be called a superhero!
  11. Blessed is the dad who really takes his role as the family's spiritual head seriously: sacrifices quiet, serene prayer time to include little kiddos who may or may not fit entire plastic rosaries in their mouths, or cry when they didn't get to hold his rosary instead or theirs, or try to blow out the candle he lit, or scream about someone taking their favorite spot; or making the experience at Mass more like an hour of eye-twitching anticipation of imminent danger - preventing toddler explosions and sometimes having to initiate hostile takedown procedures. He shall receive his wife's highest respect and admiration - God's too!
  12. Blessed is the husband who tries to win his wife's heart anew everyday. He will make her want to do the same in turn... and he will make her feel like it's really she who is blessed.

Author and Illustrator Carissa Douglas helps parents and caregivers teach their kids how to grow closer to Jesus with fun, illustrated stories that rhyme. She lives in Georgina, Ontario with her husband, Patrick and their eleven young children. The Little Douglings series seeks to teach children the richness of the Catholic faith through the promotion of the sacraments. To Explore more by Carissa Douglas, Visit www.littledouglings.com

And Check out her book I Go to Jesus

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