Back to School Books

August and September are notoriously busy for parents, teachers, and students.  The back to school craze has begun, and all the events, excitement, and emotions that come with a new school year are upon us.  It can be difficult to feel mentally prepared for this time of year and easy to give in to the overwhelm of it all.  However, we can also look at this time as an opportunity to grow and to truly enjoy the gifts that it brings. 

Looking for a way to get the most of this back to school season? Check out our top book recommendations to kick your school year off right! 

4 Books for the Back to School Season:

  1. An Anthology of Catholic Teaching on EducationThis is a great read for those who want to dive into the importance of Catholic education and its history. For all Catholic educators out there, this one is for you! 
  2. Thirsting for Prayer by Jacques Philippe - This title is perfect for those craving intimacy with God as they head into the chaos of the school year.  In Thirsting for Prayer, Jacques Philippe presents profound yet practical reflections on personal spirituality.  
  3. Glimpses from the Church Fathers by Claire Russell - For the theologically inclined reader who wants to learn alongside their children as they head back to the classroom, this book presents the writings of the Church Fathers in an easily digestible format. 
  4. Free Hearts by Alexandre Havard - For all those seeking deeper faith and interior healing as they begin the school year, this is the book for you! In this title, Alexandre Havard focuses on the balance between the heart and mind and its importance in enabling true greatness in our lives. 

We hope these titles can accompany you through the transition from summer vacation to the fall semester! For more books and resources, check out the “Education and Teacher Resources” here!