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November 10, 2023 3 min read

The following is an excerpt from the Scepter title Visions of Purgatory: A Private Revelation.

After my prayer, I contemplated our Lord’s infinite mercy poured out upon the holy souls in purgatory who are suffering the torments of love. First I saw the loving gaze of the Most Blessed Trinity toward these souls, from the antechamber of heaven to the lowest depths of the great purgatory. I saw how they looked at each soul individually; I saw how the Father contemplated them resplendent in the blood of his Son, the unique and precious price of his or her salvation; he looked at them and loved them infinitely in his crucified and glorious Son.

I saw the Word’s gaze resting on the souls in purgatory. He rejoiced to see them submerged in the pure will of God, in a total consent to the love of the Father, and he loved them for the Father, who is also our Father. I saw the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of love, looking at these holy souls with an infinite satisfaction and pouring himself into them fully as into vessels of divine love. It was marvelous. My guardian angel appeared and said:

My child, these holy souls in purgatory are the most beloved sons and daughters of the divine mercy.

They are destined to be eternal jewels of the heavenly Jerusalem, jewels of the Immaculate Spouse. Therefore, they have to be perfectly pure; they are totally expiating the slightest sin, the most minute fault, and the slightest shadow “is disappearing from them. For this reason these daughters and sons of mercy are exposed to the rigors of divine justice.

I felt a great joy on hearing these words of consolation. The angel prayed at my side for the souls in purgatory, inviting me to imitate him. After a few minutes he told me:

In purgatory the souls know their faults; they have a full perception of them.

Through having seen them at the moment of the particular judgment, afterward they have them present in their spirit, but in a general and confused way. They are not to think of them; they adore the divine mercy and glorify the Most Holy Trinity with love and gratitude.
You know that purgatory was created by mercy—the souls are in purgatory by a decree of mercy and the pure gratuity of divine love. For these pains, no matter how terrible they are, are very slight in relation to the infinite offense that sin constitutes.

After this I saw myriads of angels in heaven who were praying for the souls in purgatory, and thousands of saints surrounding the Virgin Mary. My soul rejoiced with consolation. I also saw the prayer that the Church on earth sends up in favor of these souls; it appeared like an abundant rain collected by the angels in cups of gold and presented to the Most Blessed Virgin who offers them to the Divine Trinity. Our Lord blesses this prayer that the angels pour out upon purgatory in such a pure and comforting dew. My guardian angel said to me:

That great mystery of the communion of saints and its efficacy in purgatory are also an effect of divine mercy. God gives to the angels and saints of heaven—as well as to those who are still here below—the task of praying for these holy souls and thus giving them some relief. It is a duty for you, a work of mercy in favor of these souls.

He helped me to understand that the souls in purgatory sometimes receive, according to the plans of Divine Providence, the possibility of showing themselves here on earth. These manifestations can take various forms. In regard to that, the angel told me:

These manifestations are also permitted by divine mercy.

For the Church militant they have a threefold purpose: to remind the people of God that they should pray for these souls, to remind the people of God to do penance for their sanctification, and to remind the people of God that they are only on earth for a time.

These souls sometimes have a knowledge of the future which the Almighty gives them in certain circumstances, and on occasion they can let you know this future which concerns you, offering you signs that will strengthen your faith and also guard, warn, and protect you. You should give thanks for these messengers of mercy and pray for them.

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