I'm Looking For A Book To: Go On An Adventure

Do you love adventure? Do you love reading books that transport you to other worlds?

Junia and Marcus are for you.

Set in the time of the early Christians, Junia is the story of a young woman who chooses faith over fortune.  The main character, Junia, is a beautiful, wealthy young Roman aristocrat.  Her life is filled with luxury, privilege, and a clear duty is to obey her family and make them proud.  Her whole world is turned upside down when she makes a friend who introduces her to Christianity, a faith not centered around material riches, but based in humility, virtue, and love.  

In a brave quest for truth and at the express disapproval of her family, Junia decides to dive into this new faith.  She learns the importance of conviction, the struggle that comes with religious persecution, and the possibility of dying for her faith.  This gripping historical fiction highlights the courage of early Christians and allows the reader to go back to that place- a place where the choice to believe was almost always one of life and death. 

One reader wrote about Junia:

I read the book straight through and wept when I finished it because of what a poor example of a Christian, let alone, a Christian leader I see myself to be. Though it is fictional, it is very true to early church history as I know it. I Highly recommend it to young and old alike. May God grace His people for today and for the future.”

Marcus is a sequel to Junia. Marcus is Junia’s brother, and this thrilling sequel focuses on the growth of this young man from an entitled Roman Senator’s son to a kind, courteous, courageous warrior for change within his pagan society. 

Through the kindness of strangers and a newfound knowledge of Jesus, Marcus discovers his purpose in life as a young evangelist.  Marcus contains pure and good friendships, bitter betrayals, intense family strife, and everything in between.  You do not want to miss this powerful sequel to Junia. 

If you or someone you know loves adventure and history, we highly recommend Junia and Marcus by Michael E. Giesler.  These stories have the capacity not only to entertain, but to truly move readers, to strengthen their own convictions and inspire virtue.  They are a must read for anyone looking for an adventure.