A Life of Devotion: Ernesto Cofiño Declared Venerable by Pope Francis

In an exciting announcement today, Pope Francis has declared Dr. Ernesto Cofiño venerable. Ernesto is a remarkable figure whose life exemplifies unwavering dedication to faith, family, and service to those in need. This joyous news, authorized by the Dicastery for the Causes of Saints, marks a significant step towards the beatification of this venerable man. Curious to know more about this remarkable man? No Small Goals: The Life of Dr. Ernesto Cofiño is a must read! 


Ernesto Cofiño, born on June 5, 1899, in Guatemala City, led a life deeply rooted in his Catholic faith. His journey into medicine began at the Sorbonne in 1919, under the guidance of Dr. Robert Debré, a pioneer in modern pediatrics. In 1933, Ernesto married Clemencia Samayoa, and together they blessed the world with five children.


Driven by a profound understanding of the person, Ernesto's pediatric practice extended beyond physical health to the genuine care of his patients' well-being. A pioneer in pediatric research in Guatemala, he fought against childhood diseases and malnutrition. As the Chair of Pediatrics at the University of San Carlos, he left an indelible mark on the field.


Motivated by his faith, Ernesto actively supported initiatives defending life, aiding expectant mothers, orphans, and street children. From 1951 to 1955, he directed the Educational Assistance Center and led Caritas Guatemala, organizing food distribution in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.


In 1956, Ernesto discovered his vocation to Opus Dei, integrating his faith seamlessly into his medical profession and social initiatives. He balanced family life and professional work harmoniously, emphasizing the inseparability of profession and life.


The cause for Ernesto Cofiño's canonization began on July 31, 2000, with a diocesan informative process on his life and virtues. In November 2022, the theological consultants of the Dicastery for the Causes of Saints affirmed his heroic exercise of virtues. Today, Pope Francis, recognizing his exemplary life, has authorized the promulgation of the decree of heroic virtues.


As we celebrate this momentous occasion, we invite you to explore our book on the life of Ernesto Cofiño. Delve into the pages that chronicle his inspiring journey of faith, compassion, and selfless service. The book provides a profound understanding of a man whose life reflects the teachings of the Catholic Church and serves as an inspiration for individuals seeking holiness in their daily lives.


Ernesto Cofiño's declaration as venerable is a testament to a life well-lived in service to God and humanity. Let us join in gratitude to the Holy Father for this decision and seek inspiration from the virtuous life of Venerable Ernesto Cofiño. May his story continue to resonate and inspire generations to come.