I'm Looking for a Book to: Ignite My Prayer Life

Do you ever feel like your prayer life is stuck in a rut?

Sometimes when our prayer life is out of whack, we can feel a lack of confidence in other areas as well.  It can be easy to focus on our faults and feel paralyzed.

But what if there was a way to transform your failures and insecurities into strengths and advantages? 

Joseph Tissot’s How to Profit from Your Faults focuses on helping you do just that! Instead of dwelling on shortcomings, Tissot encourages readers to be compassionate and kind to themselves and others while also striving to improve.

He cites Francis de Sales at the start of the book:  “You complain that many imperfections and defects intermingle in your life, running counter to your desire for the perfection of purity in your love for God. I reply that it is not possible for us to become completely disengaged from self until God carries us to heaven. We shall not carry a treasure of the greatest possible value while we are burdened down with the weight of our own selves. . . . Isn’t it generally true that no saint could become so holy had he not always been subject to imperfections?”

All of us are imperfect- so we can’t let that bring us down. It’s how we persevere and grow despite our faults that counts.  And a major step in that growth process is developing a strong prayer life.  How to Profit from Your Faults will give you the motivation you need to get your prayer life and your confidence back on track. 

Topics explored in this book include:

  • Self-knowledge and humility 
  • The power of God’s mercy
  • The importance of perseverance
  • Becoming more fervent in faith
  • Devotion to Our Lady

If you are struggling with a sense of failure and want to kick your prayer life up a notch, check out How to Profit from Your Faults today!