New Scepter Title: St. Patrick And His World

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! There are a lot of myths surrounding the holiday, and St. Patrick himself.  While the secular world associates St. Patrick with leprechauns, shamrocks, and pots of gold, his real life and faith are far more worthy of legendary celebration. 

Discover the true story of St. Patrick in our new title: St. Patrick and His World, by Mike Aquilina.  

In this book, you will discover the history of this popular saint and the world in which he lived.  With both history and powerful storytelling in his arsenal, Aquilina brings the legend of St. Patrick alive for readers to enjoy.  Though we don’t have all the facts about Patrick and his life, we do know the effects of his profound faith on both his own world and our modern one, a lesson that this book teaches proudly. 

This excerpt from the book puts it well:

In some ways, we know very little about St. Patrick. We don’t even know when he was born, when he came to Ireland, or when he died. Various sources give us all those dates, but they give us different dates.

In another way, though, we know everything that’s really important about St. Patrick. We know him from the inside—how he thought and how he felt. We know him because he put his heart and soul into his own writings. Those writings are a terrible frustration for historians, because Patrick never mentions dates and doesn’t see the point of sticking to a chronological order. But for those of us who want to know the inner heart of a saint, the whole man is there in what he wrote. 

From his own writings we have the main outlines of his life, although there are big gaps, and it’s not always easy to tell what the order of events was. Much more importantly, though, we know his personality. We know what Patrick the man was like.

Learn about the heart of this beloved saint and his great impact on the Church by reading St. Patrick and His World.