The Ultimate Scepter Gift Guide: Part 2

In Part II of our Ultimate Scepter Publishers Gift Guide, we will share our favorite reads for all of the personalities of the people you love.  We’re here to help you buy the perfect book for everyone on your Christmas list!

Here is The Ultimate Scepter Publishers Gift Guide (Part 2):

For the History Buff

This book is all about the incredible life of St. Thomas More.  St. Thomas More was a lawyer, statesman, and the Chancellor of England- but more importantly, he was a devout Catholic, husband, father, and friend.  This book would be a great gift for someone interested in learning more about St. Thomas More and the pivotal moment of history in which he lived. 

Other suggestions for this person

For the Person who did "Bible In A Year"

The Navarre Bible is a great gift for someone who’s been growing in their knowledge of Scripture.  It offers supplementary materials from Catholic saints and theologians including intellectual, spiritual, and historical writings on the various books in the Bible. This would be an amazing addition to anyone’s library!

Other suggestions for this person:

In Conversation With God 7 Volume Set

For the Person Who Wants an Adventure

These historical fiction books are engaging, thrilling, and moving as author Michael Giesler takes us all the way back to the time of the Early Christians.  Buy any one or all three of these books for someone interested in virtue-based historical fiction. 

Other suggestions for this person:

The Collected Works of John Henry Newman 

For the Person Who Loves Personal Excellence

This book is presented as a dialogue between the reader and the great French saint, Joan of Arc. This is an amazing read for anyone looking to grow in courage, character, and virtue, and would be a fantastic gift for anyone you know who loves to be inspired. 

Other Suggestions for this person: 

For you!

If you are a fan of spiritual reading and want to grow closer to Jesus in the new year, get yourself a copy of the Jacques Philipe Retreat Set! Included in this set are Jacques Philippe’s Nine Days to Rediscover the Joy of Prayer, Nine Days to Welcome Peace, and Nine Days to Strengthen Your Faith. 

We hope this helps you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones this Christmas! Have a blessed Advent!