Titles for Teachers: Strengthening Your Vocation as a Teacher

Teaching is a beautiful calling.  It is a true gift to be able to transform minds and hearts through education.  St. Pope John Paul II once said,  “The life of a teacher, as I know from personal experience, is very challenging and demanding, but it is also profoundly satisfying. It is more than a job, for it is rooted in our deepest convictions and values. To be intimately concerned in the development of a young person, of hundreds of young people, is a highly responsible task.”  We encourage you to continue embracing this responsibility and to grow each day in your vocation as a teacher.  Here are some of our favorite books for teachers! 

Titles for Teachers to Help Strengthen Your Vocation

Inside the Mind of Thomas More: The Witness of His Writings By Louis W. Karlin & David R. Oakley 

St. Thomas More was an incredibly learned person. As a writer and lawyer, he valued education and faith very highly.  This title explores the writings of St. Thomas More as they pertain to the issues in his life and his time period.  This book is a great option for teachers looking for saintly inspiration as they educate people in this day and age! 

Newman on the Bible by William Park

John Henry Newman is known for being one of the most influential theologians and academics in the modern world.  This title explores his take on the Scriptures from sermons and collected articles.  St. John Henry Newman is another great saint for educators to look up to!  

The Divine Piety: a Study in the Social Implications of the Beatitudes by Gerald Vann

In this book, Gerald Vann explores what the beatitudes mean in real life. Teaching is a true form of service, if approached correctly, and this title would be great for any teacher looking to make a positive change in the lives of their students and all they come into contact with!

John Paul II goes on, “As teachers, you kindle in your students a thirst for truth and wisdom. You spark off in them a desire for beauty. You introduce them to their cultural heritage. You help them to discover the treasures of other cultures and peoples. What an awesome responsibility and privilege is yours in the teaching profession.” God bless all teachers in this noble pursuit!