Renewal and Rebirth: Embracing the Easter Season In Your Spiritual Reading

Happy Easter!

It is truly a time for praising God, rejoicing in the Resurrection, and embracing the beautiful Mysteries of our faith.  St. Pope John Paul II said in 2000, “Yes, Christ is truly risen, and we are witnesses of this. We proclaim this witness to the world, so that the joy which is ours will reach countless other hearts, kindling in them the light of the hope which does not disappoint.”

We are offered, in Jesus’ Resurrection, new life and healing.  He endures his Passion and Death on the Cross to free us from the bonds of sin.  His sacrifice is the ultimate sign of love for each and every one of us.  As St. Pope John Paul II urges, we must witness to this great love in our lives and with the people around us.  It is up to us to embrace the promise of the Resurrection and to continue to grow in hope and love this Easter season. 

Celebrate the Easter season well with these $5 books: 

The River and the Source

This award-winning novel set in East Africa tells the story of one family’s conversion over the course of several generations. “You will find yourself filled with laughter and tears as you follow the stories of these powerful women and their families who give insight into the culture and aspirations of the Luo people in Kenya.” 

Rhymes’ Reasons

This is a book all about rediscovering the beauty of poetry and its ability to convey some of the deepest truths about the human experience differently than any other medium.

Pope Francis: Keys to His Thought

Learn about the deep spirituality and faith of our Holy Father as author Mariano Fazio shares warm personal stories about Pope Francis and takes a closer look into the major themes of his papacy. 

Looking for Lazarus

In this book, readers are called to enter into the story of Lazarus and consider the miracle of his resurrection as a prefiguration of the Resurrection of Christ.   

God and Children

A great book for parents, God and Children focuses on the difficult but important job of raising children to become saints. 

You Can Become a Saint

Find the motivation you need to work toward your own sainthood in this inspiring and helpful book on what it takes to nourish your faith and allow it to thrive.

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