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Visions of Purgatory & Cloud of Witnesses

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This set includes the following:

The Visions of Purgatory

A Private Revelation

Visions of Purgatory offers a surprisingly sober and clear account of purgatory that offers more consolation than fear before this great mystery of God’s mercy. Translated from French, the text was written in the latter half of the twentieth century by an anonymous author and contains a private revelation of purgatory with annotations from the Magisterium of the Church and the teachings of the saints, above all St. Thomas Aquinas.

Cloud of Witnesses: Dead People I Knew When They Were Alive

By Fr. George William Rutler

"While Father George might not know everyone worth knowing, he does introduce us to a bewildering range of characters… We find no malice in these portraits, but he is honest, perhaps a little tougher on his fellow clerics, as he writes loyally of the humanity of his friends. I know a few of the characters brought to life in these sketches and can vouch for their accuracy. I therefore feel confidence in recommending also the larger number of personalities I did not know." - From the foreword by George Cardinal Pell of Sydney